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As the author of a winning 1996 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award application, a member of the small business management team that developed a winning strategy, and a member of the New York State Empire State Advantage Panel of Judges, AQS founder Joe Conchelos can tell you first hand about the benefits of utilizing the "Performance Excellence Criteria" application ranging from increased sales to reduced scrap and rework costs. He knows the process from both sides and can share the ins and outs of the process with you...more

While Baldrige is the overall Management Quality Strategy, ISO-9000 is the International Product Quality Management Strategy. Applied Quality brings you a synopsis of the elements as well as news from ISO HQ in Switzerland...more

Gap AnalysisApplied Quality provides three forms of Quality System Gap Analysis for you. Our mini-analysis is quick, easy and provides a glimpse at your overall compliance. Our on-line comprehensive analysis is a more detailed look at your Quality Management system. Finally, for those needing more direct help, we can provide a 2-day, on-site review of your overall system...more

FreeAQS offers you a sample page from an ISO-9000 certified Quality Manual as well as the related procedures and forms to illustrate the linkage required in your system. Understanding the linkage strategy and the simplicity of the language will help you develop an effective documentation system which can be used and understood by everyone in the organization...more

Our ServicesWe offer professional assistance to help you design a Quality Management System that will be effective for your business as well as meeting the requirements of ISO9000. You may need a Quality Manual developed or a Baldrige Application reviewed. We also offer a complete System Gap Analysis, Employee Involvement Strategies and Supplier Management Strategies...more

Our Forums What's your take on the future of quality? Have a question about ISO-9000 implementation? How about that Greenbelt project you're working on...need advice? We are offering open forums on Quality in General, ISO-9000 and Six Sigma. As a newbie to Quality Management, ask you questions; as a Quality Pro, offer your wisdom and advice ...more

Contact UsHave a question? Need a quote for services? Just want to leave a comment? Contact us and we will get back to you with an answer within 3 business days...more

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